Зелена улица 13, Бечеј

Youth Challenges of the Modern World 2024

This project aims to promote democratic values and student participation in democratic life by generating common values and democratic commitment, having as a common thread the European Green Deal and New European Bauhaus, in order to improve their knowledge of Europe and the institutions of the European Union and its functioning, in order to create knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to climate change and make students aware of the impact that their participation as citizens has on the sustainable development of their city, country and Europe. We include as an essential part the digitalization, media literacy and the development of the critical thinking of our participants for an adequate social participation and development of their social and intercultural competences. This project will develop a collaborative work methodology in transnational groups: Spain, Poland, Romania and Serbia, who will meet telematically to elaborate final products that will be presented in transnational online conferences. They will always be coordinated and supervised by teachers.


Student activities

Visit to the Regional Parliament